Drag and drop graphs based on LAMP

Hi all

I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on a reporting web site I am working on at the moment, essentially I have SNMPTT data backed off to a MySQL database with Nagios performing checks against this database (I don’t want to use Nagtrap as I wish to completely customise the front end reporting view using HTML // CSS etc)

What I’d like is a kind of dashboard which allows you to drag and drop any graph you wish (point back to the available data in MySQL using a pre-defined PHP script) onto the “desktop” in a web page, does anyone know a plugin which would allow me to do this? (the drag and drop feature)

I was thinking along the lines of JQuery, would you agree?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry for putting this in the wrong section

Basically what I want to do is have a selection of “top 10 xxxxxx” graphs which you can select and drag on to the workspace, a PHP script will then run the database queries and the graph will come to life (unless anyone has a better idea of doing this)

What plugin could I use with something like fusioncharts that would do this and is fairly easy to implement?

Thanks again guys