Downloading vs. sending items

Gudday all
The recent rise in the $AUD vs $USD (aud >usd!) has knocked my wife’s budding sales to the US for a six.
Normally she would send physical paper patterns/designs to the customers but the postage costs are now horrendous. I have suggested that she could offer them as a download rather than the paper.
I can see at least 2 (two) issues

  1. Do we we offer an extra cost for the download which is > the postage cost?
  2. How would we stop Australian customers from asking to download the patterns to save them money? Would we offer it as a separate option?

(My wife is worried about people copying the downloaded patterns ad nauseaum but I can’t see how that is different from the paper ones anyway)

How have others on these fora resolved these issues?

Downloading is not only cheaper for customers but cheaper for you, so it’s win-win, if you ask me. So why charge more for a download than for postage? That seems unnecessary to me.

Even for your Aus customers, it’s easier for you to offer the download than to post the material, so why not just offer them the same download price minus the postage, or thereabouts? They can then choose what they prefer.

I think anyone who can offer downloadable versions of a product are on a big winner in this internet age. I could be wrong, of course, but it certainly seems logical to me.

Another example is ebooks. Man, think of all the printing and postage/handling costs that are avoided. So it galls me a bit that many ebooks are sold at the same or similar price to the printed versions. Drips with greed, if you ask me.

(My wife is worried about people copying the downloaded patterns ad nauseum but I can’t see how that is different from the paper ones anyway)

Indeed, I agree.

Sell the digital version and then do an upsell
to the physical product. You’ll make more
money this way.

I personally LOVE sending products as it has
a higher perceived value and it lowers your
refund rate by a huge %.

You may save money with no postage but
wait til you see what happens to your return
rate when you go all digital.

Thanks chaps.
I think that downloading has very great advantages but swhmubo is not so sure yet.
I’ll keep on her.

My mom has a digital store where she also sells patterns (for stained glass), and I know that she was worried about the same thing (people copying the downloaded versions).

You could contact her at her sites contact page if you wanted to speak to a real person directly about it.

I think the customer should decide which version she (are there cases when I should put “he” here?) wants to get. My wife doesn’t like digital patterns, she’d prefer paying more but getting the paper one at all times. Just set prices to get acceptable profit and let the market decide!