Downloading JQuery

I am trying to get started using JQuery, but I find I can’t even get to lesson #1. When I go to and click to download the latest version (or any version) it doesn’t “download” anything. It opens the file as a webpage in my browser and I see all the JQuery in one big string. Why won’t the file just download? Is it the browser I am using? Is it my Mac?

Any tips or help will be much appreciated! I’ll never learn JQuery if I can’t even download the library! Thanks.

Instead of downloading it, include it via the Google-hosted method. This cuts down on load time for your users as many sites employ the same method, thus enabling the user’s browser to pull from cache rather than re-downloading Jquery each time.

<script type=“text/javascript”

As for why it’s not working when you click download-- you have save that file with a .js extension, then include it on your page using script tags. Just right click on the download link and click “save as.”

Once it’s displayed like that just click ‘Save as’ under your file menu in the browser… Cool :slight_smile: