Downloading files from server


I want to download files from other server to my system.

How can we read or download that files.
How can we make the connection to the other server or system.

first you need to know which protocol is used to download the files.

Actually i want to download/read files from http protocol.
And want save in my system.
I don’t know how to connect with server system from my system.

Thank you for your response

if you’re using Java you could consider using
apache HttpClient

Hello sir,

i am able read & write the files within same directory by using io streams.
And i am able to get the file names from other directories / drives.

But I want to read the files from one directory, want to write that data to another file in another directory.

How can we do it.

please give me best solution for it.

I can’t comment on what is best for you situation, but here are some options:

you can use apache commons-io

or you could use standard classes
FileInputStream or FileOutputStream,
or FileReader / FileWriter