Downloading code archive zip file not working

I am unsucessful in downloading the code archive. on the sitepoint page, it says that I have been successful, and that the zip is being sent to my e-mail address (I have now done this 2 times in 2 days). I have not received the file yet. My e-mail account is definately not full, and I have no idea how I am supposed to see if the mail has been removed by spam filters.
Please help!

You could add

to your White list and try again. Or if you have more than one email account, try that one instead.

what is a white list (or what is the true name), and where is it? I am using firefox.

The whitelist isn’t a browser thing, it’s an email client thing, eg. hotmail, gmail, etc. it might be called something else, but essentially it tells the email client to “accept all emails from this address” so they won’t get sent to the junk folder.