Downloader script

I want to create a downloader script for myself. For example by clicking download.php?id=1 if fetches filename from db and enforces the browser to download it. Now my question is that what if a bot meets download.php?id=1 ? Doesn’t it abuse download? Isn’t it better to make it as a form with hidden fields to prevent bot abuse? Or bots still can submit the form and it won’t prevent abuse? What is the best to do?

I am not sure what the concern is about bots downloading files. If you want to have a restricted area why not password protect it?

Alternatively, to make sure the person downloading is human maybe a combination of captcha and email registration . (I realise captchas are less reliable against bots these days.) Bots are not so regularly wanting to use a valid email address although its possible.

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This is a public download, no need to password protect it i just want to save my bandwidth from bots downloading it. Does it make sesne to use a csrf protected form to download it rather than direct download link? Or what is better?

What kind of download size are we talking about? Full length video size?

There are a number of file hosting services around. Some are free up to a point, some are ad supported, some are commercial pricing. You may be able to offload the file hosting off to another site if bandwidth is a concern.

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Videos, but not directly to be shown on site, I provide them as .zip files to download and i prefer to host them on my site. Please advice for that bots issue.