Downloaded open source script need help with file description

I am interested in testing an open source p2p chat script. I’ve uploaded the script, but I don’t understand this part of the file description. Any guidance/interpretation will be appreciated.

## Development

### Environment setup

  $ npm install


Start the Webpack server (includes live reloading when you change files):

  $ npm start

Open http://localhost:3001 in a browser.


  $ npm run bundle

Do you have SSH access to the server you’re running this on?

If so, SSH into the machine, make sure NodeJS is installed and then run those commands.

No, I don’t have SSH access.
I need NodeJS?

Well you need SSH access in order to test this. So if you don’t have that I’d say your journey ends here.

You need NodeJS on your server, installing it locally will do nothing for you. Since you can’t SSH into the server you also can’t install NodeJS there.


Ok, so this software installs successfully and seems to be running fine otherwise, but through all of the troubleshooting I’ve been unable to determine if it’s actually working or not. No matter how I’ve tested it I am always returned with the 404 page with no additional indication of what might be the problem. The startup output for does show that it’s starting up successfully, yet 404 page. Any ideas are appreciated.

Where is it installed? On your local machine, or on a webserver somewhere?

linux hosted sever

Okay, so then instead of localhost:3001 you need to use the IP of your server. So say you server is you want to go to

If that doesn’t work it might be a firewall somewhere blocking traffic on a non-default port.

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