Download Link Not Working in Safari

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On a website I currently have a link to download labels for customers to print, once they have placed an order. What should happen is that clicking the link sends a GET request to the API, and then the browser offers to open/download the file.

This works fine on Chrome, Firefox & Edge, however on Safari the browser does not offer to open/download the file - no download occurs. The API call works fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is not working on Safari, or what I could test? I have the same issue on browser and iPhone. I’m a bit lost as a Windows fanboy.


With which version of Safari are you testing? If Safari on Windows, it’s waaayyy discontinued.

No, the person testing it is using Safari on a Mac. Not sure what version but I’d assume up to date.

Do you have a page that we can test with as I have a spare mac with safari running? Maybe you could just put up a codepen with a dummy file to download?

What type of file are you wanting the browser to download? (I know ios doesn’t have a proper filing system so there may be a problem there.)

Hi Paul - thanks for the response. I’ve worked out that Safari is blocking the download so I know what the problem is now…will just find a workaround for Safari.

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