DoubleClick for Publishers, and the end of Google Ad Manager

The next generation of ad serving for online publishers (on the Official Google Blog)

DFP comes in two flavors, tailored for different publishers’ needs: DoubleClick for Publishers, for the largest online publishers, and DFP Small Business, a simple, free version designed for growing online publishers. We’ll be upgrading current DART for Publishers publishers to DoubleClick for Publishers over the next year as we continue to add features and modules, and we’ll be moving Google Ad Manager customers to DFP Small Business in the coming weeks.

I would die for a shopping cart integrated into this for direct buys that I could traffic into DFP. Has anyone developed such a thing using the available API yet?


Has anyone heard news if the DFP Small Business migration from Google Ad Manager will required changes to advertising rotation on publishers side? I’ve been asking around because my clients will have a lot of sites to update. Do you have any ideas?



Agreed. That would be very very very (very) nice.

I developed my own ad program that serves google ads if no ads are served in that location. I don’t think I will be switching yet, as I have a solid customer base for purchasing advertising, and I get 100% when they buy direct. It will take a good deal of convincing for me to want to switch.

Nope you will not have to change the codes or anything like that. Its mentioned in the Email if you would have received one. :slight_smile:

i’m looking forward to using it.

I think I’m going to take it for a spin and see if it’s maybe a bit faster than Google Ad Manager in serving ads.