Double margin on IE7 with UL

Hello guys!
Please, do someone can help me? I Don’t know why on IE7, but not in standards compliant browsers, I get an extra margin/padding on the <ul class=“tools”> lines (I mean, right after the “Pagine: 1” parts)

Seems on IE7 the margin is doubled, but have no idea why, and I tried several things…

I remember this bug, I ran into it just recently.

The problem is that IE6/7 transfer the parents top padding to the last floated element.

[B].content[/B] { padding[COLOR=Red]:8px[/COLOR] 8px 0; background:#FFF; border:1px solid #C00; }

That last floated element in your case is the .tools li { float:left;…

You can fix it by setting haslayout on the following element (#form2) and clearing the floats above.


You have an extra 8px after the #form2 in IE7 also, I haven’t looked into that yet.

You have an extra 8px after the #form2 in IE7 also, I haven’t looked into that yet.
You have the same thing going on after the floated <ul class=“tools left”> in the form table. You will have to use a hard clearing div in the html since you have no other elements to hook clear:both; to.

              [COLOR=Blue]<ul class="tools left">[/COLOR]
                <li class="left first"><input name="btnToggle" id="btnToggle" value="Attiva/Disattiva selezionati" class="button" type="button"></li>
                <li class="left"><input name="btnDelete" id="btnDelete" value="Elimina selezionati" class="button" type="button"></li>
                <li class="right"><span class="spaced">Pagine:</span>
                <ul class="pagination">
              [COLOR=Blue]<div style="width:100&#37;;font-size:0;clear:both"></div>[/COLOR]  
      <!-- InstanceEndEditable --></div>

<hr class="print">

Thanks, Ray! I was not aware of this bug and you pointed me in the right direction!

Here is some reading where me and Ray went into the works of hte bug. So yes Ray did recently come up with this bug…first hand experience :D.