Double Header Image

Hello, I need help with a few issues. First is the Header image is double up. You can see it here on the website

The second is there is a small Blue line appearing over the eye of the girl in the image near the bottom. How do I remove this?


You’ve got two header images because you have it as a background image in header-background and as an img in the same element.

Edit: The <center> tag is deprecated as of HTML5.

Thankyou, I have fixed the Geader problem. Can anyone please help me how to remove that Blue Lione that is sitting above the eye on the imahe with the woman near the bottom. The blue line is not part of the image

Right-click on the line, and choose “inspect element” (or something similar). This will bring up your browser’s dev tools, and let you see what is causing the line to appear.

Once you know where it’s coming from, you’ll be able to fix it. smile


The line is from the divider line inside the h3 inside the overlay. As @TechnoBear said use your devtools and you will be able to find it for yourself quite easily :slight_smile:

<h3><span class="divider-center"></span></h3>

Thankyou. Fixed the problem.