Dot Net Nuke 6 installation time

Hi has anyone experienced of setting up a site in Dot Net Nuke?

We currently have a site in asp but now we want to implement a CMS to help streamline our workflow.

Through web platform installer it seems at first easy to set-up on my computer. Although this is not where I wanted it. There seems to be a lot of configuration then a head of me. The skinning for a start and then managing user accounts and building up your portal etc.

Does anyone have a idea of the average time this would take? I am experienced in css and xhtml but not in .net

I’d like to think 2 weeks x 2 for the learning curve.

It seem installation is pretty quick through WebMatrix

I have set-up a VM with Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL express 2008 and IIS 7.5

Try to set-up DotNetNuke through IIS by right clicking on mysite and installing through the app open gallery. But the install hanged.

So I installed WebMatrix to get DNN up and going. But it installed in My Docs? I wanted to set-up a domain alias so other people could view it internally within our network. But now Matrix has the site on a different port to IIS.

Why is WebMatrix not installing it on IIS default location. Will I just set-up a redirect or how do I change the IIS Location?