Domain transfer

What’s the best time to transfer a domain?when it nearly to expire or after just renew it?Is it free?for e.g,a domain expires within 2 months,if I transfer it to another registar now,will the new registar charge a full year domain registion fee?

Transfer usually costs as much as domain renewal. When you transfer your domain, it gets renewed for another 12 months.

The best time is shortly before the Domain Name Expires. Transfers usualy renew for 1 year.

The best time is ANYTIME

You should initiste transfer at least before 3 months to be safe side. Some times registrars create hell of the problems.

Transfer fee is not same as renewal fee. Transfer fee depends upon new registrar - how much he charges. But transfer and renewal both provides 12 months subscription from the date of expiry.

Good luck.

anytime that’s the right answer :slight_smile:

.com domains in my country is about $7,and domains is $10.Why domain is expensive than .com domain?

but today i transfer a site to other person i not pay any chargis

I can’t open my site now.I think it’s someting with my registar.Can anyone please check whether my domain is work properly for me?

I think my registar has stopped my domain name’s resolution.I want to transfer my domain to registar out of China.Can you suggest some registar that can take my domain?

You might have pushed the site. It is not the transfer.


Price depends upon the Registrar. .cn is China and China might be charging more.


China registry has a lot of problem as reported by my Registrar DirectI.

You should wait 2/3 days before taking any action to transfer domain.

Good luck.

my site back online now.What’s the hell?

Why my site sometimes can’t visit?What’s the problem my registrar?

“Local” domains usually are always priced higher than international domains