Domain TLDs

Will there ever be a possibility where people can sign up a domain with a programming extension? Such as localhost.php, localhost.aspx, localhost.rb, .etc. So instead of having say, it would be sitepoint.rb/community/.

Will this ever be possible?

I doubt anything that short would be allowed, as it would look too much like a country-specific tld … but that’s just pure speculation on my part. It’s very expensive to set up one of these fancy tlds, though, so there would have to be a strong demand for it for anyone to bother. Something like .rb would only appeal to a relatively small number of people (Ruby developers), which suggests there’s nowhere near enough of a market for it.

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I see. So that basically means there won’t be short TLDs like that anytime soon huh?

I have no idea, really, but I wouldn’t think so.

Where would I go if I were to request for such a domain? Would it be at icann’s website? I know this is highly unlikely, but this is all theoretical.

If you go to the kinds of sites where you register a tld, you’re informed that two-letter tlds are reserved for countries by international agreement. So you’d be looking at something longer, such as .ruby. And then it would cost you a lot of money—say 1/4 to half a million dollars. :smiley:

So the people/companies who fork out this kind of money are doing it because they can then sell domain names to others … such as mysite.ruby, yoursite.ruby etc.

You’d obviously only pay for such a tld if you thought it would be popular enough for you to get your money back in sales. Perhaps a company like Apple could hope to make their money back on something like .apple, but I’m not sure. I suspect a lot of companies will fail to make their money back on the investment. I’ve even be surprised if .sex was all that popular. Sure, some people will want it, but a million? I doubt it. :grimacing:

Why do you want it to be programming specific? There are a lot of new TLD’s out there that can better describe the business or site than the program language. What kind of site or business are you looking for anyway?

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I see. So it would be expensive in the end for requesting such a TLD. Very interesting.

This is all theoretical and for educational purposes. I’ve always wondered because it piqued my interest that I haven’t seen programming TLDs before. So I thought I’d ask since I don’t think anyone has asked around these forums before about this kind of topic.

Also, I already have my own site. It’s not running on anything at the moment and just sitting there on the web doing nothing. I have yet to start on it because I’ve been really busy with outside work and all (doesn’t include programming).

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