Domain Renewal Problem

I have two domains that are due for renewal later this year that I decided I would renew now so as to not forget them later (also because it will bring forward the expenses into the company accounts for this financial year (which ends on 30th June) and so reduce the amount of tax payable this year.

I have a reasonable amount of money currently sitting in the company Paypal account and the domain registrar offers paypal as a payment option so I thought that it would be relatively straightforward to carry out this transaction. Not so. As soon as I get to the point where I have logged into Paypal I get stuck in a loop between two pages - one page offers the option of paying by Paypal or echeck but has the echeck option disabled, the second page that I get to when I select to pay by Paypal asks me to enter credit card details (and the company doesn’t have a credit card).

The registrar blames Paypal and has told me that Paypal require for there to be a credit card attached to all Paypal accounts.

Paypal have told me that there is no such requirement.

Paypal has also told me that:

  1. The seller has full control over what is blocked and so must have blocked the direct payment option.
  2. That where the Paypal account has a sufficient balance in the right currency that the balance in the Paypal account will be used for the purchase rather than using credit card or echeck.
  3. There is an option to block echeck payments (as they can require several days to clear) - which I knew.
  4. There is no option to block direct payment using the balance in the Paypal account.
  5. There is no bug in their processing that would cause blocking echeck payments to block any other types of payments.

The domain registrar is using the option to block echeck payments.

I have open tickets with both the registrar and Paypal going around in circles with this contradictory information.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can either get past this block that supposedly doesn’t exist so as to renew the domains with the current registrar or alternatively can anyone suggest an alternative reasonably priced registrar for .com and .net domains who will accept a direct payment from my Paypal account to pay for the domains that will not result in my being asked to add a credit card to the Paypal account.

GoDaddy lets you pay with PayPal, and the domains are reasonably priced.

I use godaddy, and use it with all my clients.

I was looking into 1&1 as an alternative, but am a little wary of it since it is a subsidiary owned by a company in another country (United Internet in Germany).

So does my current provider. My current provider only blocks payment through Paypal echeck and a bug in Paypal then extends that block to paying with cash actually in the Paypal account.

Does GoDaddy block echeck payments through Paypal? If so then that would run into the same Paypal bug.

If the payments are being blocked I suppose there is a problem somewhere between your provider and paypal and at least one of the parts should know about that.
In any case if company believes that they want you as a client (and they are I suppose) they should find out alternative way of accepting payments for you.

Yes. There appears to be a bug in the echeck block option that Paypal oallows sellers to apply where it detects that there is no attached credit card and insists that you add one even though there are sufficient funds in the Papal account to cover the purchase without needing to use either a credit card or echeck.

I am waiting to see if they will offer me an alternative given that there is a bug in the processing that they are using and I do have sufficient funds in my Paypal account to make an immediate payment (and not an echeck payment that would be delayed by several days and which they have decided to block).

I wonder what would happen if you would simply send the funds you need for the registrations directly to their Paypal email address (and identify the account you’re sending the funds for). Basically you’d just add some credit to your account with them, which you should be able to use to pay for the registrations/renewals. In any case, it’s an option worth exploring I think.

Good luck!

I thought of that but their support person said that the payment would need to be made through their automated process in order for it to be applied correctly which I took to mean that they wouldn’t accept my sending the payment to their email address.

I have now found several alternatives that are happy to accept cash payments through Paypal, it is just a matter of my deciding who to choose.

When checking all the expiry dates I realised that my hosting actually needs renewing before the two domains and so I have started moving that first.

If you have e check do you have debit card capabilities…use your debit card with visa just like a credit card they are free from my bank Wachovia oops now wells fargo…