Domain registry will "lock" domain name is owner does not provide accurate WHOIS info

I am looking at obtaining a domain name, but because the owner of the domain name does not provide accurate info, I had to contact the company that handles the registration of that domain name. They told me that they will be “locking” the domain name if the owner does not properly update their WHOIS information.

With that said, IF the domain is locked, at what point can I obtain the domain name and how would I go about doing it?

Also, if it comes to actually buying the domain name from the actual owner, than how do I go about doing that (that is, if I get their proper contact information)? I am asking because they are from Germany, speak a totally different language, and I’m not sure how I would do it.



If the domain is locked you cannot transfer it to another registrar. So you’ll have to work it out with the domain owner first. If you agree on a payments, he/she can unlock it and approve the transfer. Once the domain is in the new registrar, you can update the WHOIS information to your info. Hope this helps.

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You can send them official complaint and they are supposed to take care of it.
I believe that is what you can do.

You can hire a domain broker to find out if they are able to acquire the domain on your behalf.