Domain Registration privacy

Hi when I registered domain with other hosting company I was not aware of domain registration details being accessible by everyone.

I’m planning to transfer a domain name to GoDaddy ASAP. But keep the website hosting with my current hosting company till the hosting contract expires.

So, how long will it take to transfer a gTLD name? (my current hosting company says it could take it up to 10 days… :nono:)

Do I need to be aware of anything when I am transferring a gTLD name?
Do I need to be aware of anything for having hosting company and my domain name managing company separate for about a year?

Posting this to hear 3rd party bias advice.

In my experience it takes 5 days for a domain name transfer to be completed. It’s been a couple of years since I transferred a domain name. I’ve transferred a number of domain names over the years and they all took 5 days. Make sure you get your EPP code from your existing registrar if needed by your new registrar.

You can keep your domain name registrar and web host separate. In fact, many people will recommend that you do this for a number of reasons. Go Daddy’s reputation for web hosting is very bad. If you are happy with your current web host’s service, you would be best to stay with them. Transfer your domain name anywhere you want and host your websites anywhere you want. You don’t need to keep them both with the same company.

About the only issue I can think of is deciding which DNS to use, your domain registrar’s or your web host’s. I prefer to use my domain name registrar’s DNS because I can point the domain name anywhere I want without worrying about DNS propagation issues. Go Daddy, like most domain registrars, provides DNS services for their customers. So you can set up your domain to use their DNS server and point your domain to the IP address of your web host’s server.

As far as domain name registrars go, I prefer Namecheap. Namecheap provides a year of Whoisguard free with transfers, which will hide your personal details from public viewing. Otherwise, using discount code WGSPECIAL you can get Whoisguard for $0.99 per year. You can also find [URL=“”]coupons for discounts on transfers.

It takes apprximately 5 days for the transfer to complete. Make sure you select the option to retain the nameserver details at current host. Else, you will have to setup everything again and it might take some time before DNS propagates.

Its always better to have your domain registration and web hosting at two different companies. If you get into some trouble with your host (say spam complaint, bandwidth overuse due to hacking etc), you could be held hostage by your web host as you have your domain with them.

BTW, just for privacy you need not go with Godaddy. There are others (, namecheap etc) and many of them would provide you with free privacy for the first year.

Typically take 7 days from the time the authorisation email sent to the registrant contact is clicked, where the admin contact accepts the transfer it may take up to 12 days to complete. Please be aware that for some gTLD domain transfers, you will receive multiple email notices (one to the registrant contact; one to the admin contact) for approval of the transfer.

Hope it will be useful reply. Meanwhile if u r in need then check the details what Solubilis an Indian Company is doing?

It really depends on who you’re transferring from and to.

The transfer process differs from TLD to TLD too. A .CO.UK domain for example, can be transferred in a matter of hours, whereas .COM domains can take up to 10 days.

Once the auth code has been entered, the losing registrar can choose to push the transfer away.

This doesn’t often happen automatically, but it’s worth asking your previous registrar if they can do this for you.

As far as WHOIS privacy goes, we offer WHOIS privacy free of charge on all supported domains. There are a select few that don’t support privacy, but the majority do.

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