Domain problems

Hello everyone,
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I have recently moved from shared hosting to my own home hosted dedicated server running with Apachy on windows server 2008.
I have connected my domain in the apachy config file, restarted apachy with no errors.

I use Namecheap, I registered, with my Server’s IP.
and then I changed my current name servers of my shared hosting to .

is there anything wrong with what I did?

cause all it shows to me is:

Oops! Google Chrome could not find

(24 hours haven’t passed yet only like 4 hours).

does that mean the DNS haven’t fully transferred?

Thank you!

As long as the domain name contains the “intended” nameservers with their correct settings, give it at least 24 hours.
Despite DNS updates since years ago, it still ultimately depends on how soon your ISP updates their “DNS cache”.

If it still persists after 24 hours, then do a DNS check. Use a tool like

Check with for your domain pointing to your server

I always advise giving changes 24hrs. to take place unless you have been notified otherwise. Most systems are automated and you can expect frequent updates but 24hrs is a good rule of thumb unless it is data and business critical. In that case you should contact support.

Sometimes takes more than standard 24 hours.
If you dns are ok, don’t worry and be patient.

I’m wondering if the OP actually used instead of as an example.

As the OP has never returned to the thread, we can only assume he’s solved his problem and there’s no point in us continuing to speculate on his behalf. :slight_smile: