Domain pointed, ssi not working?

I have, using an ssi for the main menu, works from this address. I pointed to the same page. SSi doesn’t work when the page is reached through the pointed domain. Any way to fix this without pasting the whole menu on that page? Why does pointing affect the SSI? TIA for any help.

You can only use an include file from the same website. I don’t think it even works from one site to another on the same server.

There are alternatives, like using Ajax.

So even though it is the same website, a subfolder, changing the domain name makes it act as if it is a different site? I did have to move my images into the same folder, that path was broken, but didn’t connect it to the SSI problem. Guess I’ll have to paste in the whole menu. Luckily, it’s just two pages, not too bad to keep updated. Suppose I could copy the include to the same subfolder. The whole pointing thing is new to me.

O. Well, it doesn’t look like that on the surface. :slight_smile: I’ll have to leave it to others to say what’s possible in that situation.