Domain owner didn't transfer www

I’ve helped some clients through domain transfers before without any real snafus, but this one’s got me stumped.

A client owns their domain name, but has it parked with Host A (aka The Jerks). After much tussling, the client’s finally gotten The Jerks to transfer the domain to Host B. However, The Jerks only transferred this domain:

and not this:

Maybe this is standard practice, but I’ve never seen it before. Someone enlighten me, please? I don’t think it’s a propagation issue, as it’s been a couple of days since the non-www domain has been transferred and gone live.

Um…you can only transfer
Seems the person managing the DNS entries didn’t set corect ones for the www-subdomain.
So ask the zone admin to do an update.

Am I missing something here? the www isn’t a different domain or a sub domain, it’s just another way of writing a domain name.

Something is definitely amiss here.

Is Host A also the registrar of the domain, or the owner of the domain (registrant), or where the website is hosted? All would make the situation slightly different.

If Host A is the registrar of the domain, then once the domain has been transferred to your client’s account at another registrar (like Namecheap) then your client should have full control of every part of the domain - they can edit the nameservers, A Records, CName Records, and MX Records.

If Host A is the owner (registrant) of the domain, then once they transfer ownership of that domain to your client (at the registrar of choice of your client), then your client should have full control of the domain as in the case above.

If Host A is where the website is hosted (where the nameservers point to), then it would be possible for them to just point to your client’s website, but not This would be a pretty odd position though.

Sometimes the DNS servers of your ISP will update the at a different time to - is it all working now?
the registrar has transferred the domain from one account to another, then all the domain

See, that’s why I ask these things. I’m never afraid to ask a stupid question… :slight_smile:

The client called them today and rectified the situation.

Asking questions isn’t stupid.
Sorry if my answer seemed offensive or such…

Glad to hear that.

G.Schuster, no offense taken whatsoever. I know it was a “duh” question for those in the know. I’m not one of those folks. What I do know, I learn by asking the “stupid” question. Now I know something I didn’t know yesterday, and something very useful for my work. Thanks!

Actually, you’re wrong there Shyflower. WWW (as you see on the front of many addresses) is a subdomain, it just defaults by convention to the base path. :slight_smile:

URL structures are as follows: <protocol> [://] <Subdomain> [dot] <domain> [dot] <TLD> [slash] <path> [slash] <file> [.extension]

Alex, I didn’t know that. Thanks for furthering my education. :slight_smile:

Me too! I Googled it and he is right. Who’d have thunk it?

Yea, the last time I was right people prophesied the apocalypse (like in Ghostbusters)… dogs and cats living together (et al). :lol: