Domain Name with Wrong SPEL

tell me 1 thing Domain Name with Wrong SPEL can work?
like is taken can i buy
did u think search engine like Wrong SPEL ??

It is not a fact that search engines like spellings. If it a properly spelled domain, people can remember it easily, which will be helpful, or else, you will have to suffer later when you start getting visits.

why dont you try some other name or with .ca or .us or region specific domains.


Using wrong spelling in a domain name is risky when it comes to humans. Search engines should never get priority, visitors should be your foremost concern.

spell musrt be correct for all the purpose with correct keywords.
Good luck.

It’s worth a shot, but I think if the mispelling of a word for your domain is the crux of your marketing plan, you need to think bigger.

Most of the people went to search engines if they didn’t find their related site.
Secondly as you gave an example of fashionalert and fashionalurt, sorry but alurt is wrong word and it gives bad impression to others.
Most of your clients might visit and contact with fashionalert.
Try using with region specific name like uk, us etc

Thanks Every one

Just FYI: Even domain name with wrong spell could be associated with registered trademark. SO please be very careful with such domain names.

Of course that works. Few days ago I used to type in the wrong way and I was sent to another site always (redirected).
But this rituation made me nervous rather then ready to learn more about new host.
So using such domain names you should expect as negative as positive moments.

I think it’s cutsey way of branding but not great for search engine optimization.

I don’t think it will work, try something similar or get another domain extension.
Think about it, how in earth a wrong spelling website can get popular?

People used to use wrong spelling to get listed high search engines and get some traffic. If you notice alot of the search engines now list correct spelling so i do not think it is worth doing this anymore.

Google yahoo and bing list sites with correct spelling and you will not get listed high in search results anymore doing this for most keywords now.