Domain Name Question

I have a website where u can download movies etc. and I named it fluvely.

So the question is should I name it to a more relevant name like ‘downloadmovies(dot)com’ or something like that or keep it that way?

Sounds like a better name might be [noparse][/noparse]. Are these your own copyrighted movies?

Do you live on planet earth?


Perhaps you don’t like my cheeky humor, but seriously, if these aren’t your own movies, and you don’t have permission to give people access to them, then you are really talking about something illegal, which we don’t want to support. So feel free to set me straight and assure us that this is above board, and well be happy to help you think of a good domain name. :slight_smile:

I can see a few websites in the review section that have copyrighted material too . If you have a problem with my thread atleast remove those posts because that’s what you guys call the “”“MODERATED”“” section.

What’s with the attitude ? Seriously, if you don’t have the copyrights to your movies you let people download, you can get into serious trouble, we’re just trying to warn you here…

The best is to name is what it is. For seo at least. Knowbody is going to care if its named robs movies. If your intention is to place higher then use the keywords in your domain.

Thanks for an actual suggestion :slight_smile:

There are a lot of sites doing the same thing. Thank you for your warning .

Just because the sites are still up and running doesn’t make them legal.

A lot of the time, they are hosted off-shore, which makes legal pursuit outside of a country’s jurisdiction more complicated and time consuming.

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Most movie trailers are copyrights with strict guidelines on who, where and when these trailers are shown. If you have not established copyright right of use agreements with the studios that produce these then it is only a matter of time before you will have legal action against your or your company.

As others have stated here we try not to support these type of requests because we don’t want our members to get into trouble when we understand the inherent risks in certain requests. While there are some other posts with copywriten material we may not have caught this or made a similar judgment call regarding the OP’s question and the context of the copy written material.

We also allow regular member to flag a post ( little flag on the left bottom of each post). If the OP or anyone has worries about copywritten material or any other issue with posts in other forums then we ask that you flag it and we will review and if necessary take the appropriate action regarding each situation.

I hope that the OP can see that most members responses are trying to get the OP out of a troublesome situation.


I think the name of any website should be kept in such a way that the one who is opting to go for searching any movie can recognize that the respective movie can be searched over there. All in all the aim of the particular website should be made clear by the name of the website.