Domain Name Help

Hi all. I’d love a little expert help choosing a domain name for my blog - at this point just looking to drive traffic. I’ve had some success building the volume up over the last year but I’m ready to go for a custom domain and take it to the next level. Here are the details:

The blog is titled “Lost in America - Anime and More”. I cover all aspects of Japanese culture, with an emphasis on pop culture, anime and manga. The key search terms would be “anime”, “blog” and “review”.

So of course the dilemma is balancing the desire for a .com, a short name, something memorable and something that gets at least one keyword in the domain name. Obviously these can sometimes be mutually exclusive, and that’s what I’m finding challenging as a beginner to all this.

I’m considering a few options but they all have flaws: (or org). Not a “com”, and no search terms. Long and hyphenated. Is that a little confusing, maybe? An “org” for a blog… And doesn’t get the site name. A bit generic? Short - but confusing? The dreaded hyphen!

Any thoughts on the relative merits of these - or alternative suggestions altogether? I’m grateful for any advice.

Thanks - Dan

try something with “Japanese culture” either in english or roman in japanese.
good luck

How about a little wordplay:

LOL - well, that’s an interesting notion, and very clever. I just wonder if the spelling would fool people? I’ll definitely consider it.

I would not recommend you considering any domain names on public, moreover domain names which are available for registration. That is the easiest way to lost all of ideas and potential domain names.

The keyword should be more accurate and precise to your blog content. “Anime” can change to “Animation” because not everyone know what does “anime” stands for. “Blog” and “Review” are very common. Your site will not be found unless your site are high-ranked in search engine.

Perhaps, you can specific the keywords in what kind of animation will be reviewed? Romantic animation, Transformer (technology-related) animation, Detective animation, etc.

Identify the content will be written/shared then, you will be able to scoop down the domain name that most suitable.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I agree with you. But I suppose short versions of the words and abbreviations are given to us in order to make our life easier. And I suppose that is the main goal of that.
Using full words will make your domain name longer and as result less memorable.

There are two types of domain one is related to niche and one is easy to remember. If you like to go for second one then go for (Khooz is hindi word means to find) …Long and hyphenated

Is very much specific to the title and alternatively would be good too.

If the short domain is available, go for it! Why not?!

I like the one. It is the shortest and most memorable. Make sure you get a reputable registrar so you don’t have shady stuff happen down the road.