Domain name help!


I created a MyBB forum today. It’s my first time doing it so I’m clueless.

I installed it with Softaculous. I created the directory “forum” for it to be installed in. I can navigate to “” fine and there’s no problem, mys forum is sitting there fine. But when I just go to “” there’s a blank page. I want “” to redirect to “”.



Then you should have installed in the DocumentRoot rather than in a subdirectory. PPPPPPP! (Proper Prior Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance)



How do I do that?

It says the directory shouldn’t exist as it creates it for you.

You could have uploaded the MyBB files to the root folder, rather than to a sub folder, that’s all. Unfortunately, instructions in this sort of thing are usually very badly written and confusing, so you have my sympathy. :frowning:

It’s only giving me options to install it in the public_html I think. It’s not letting me access the document root in my cPanel, probably because I don’t have anything in it. Do I need to manually install it then?

Sorry, that’s actually what I meant by the root folder. :slight_smile: (Different hosts give that folder different names, but basically it’s where all the files that can be seen on the web go. So normally, the index.php [or similar name] file in public_html is your site’s home page.)

If you load all the files into public_html, you’ll be able to visit the forum at

Thanks! A couple more newbie questions sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I have all the files for MyBB ready to upload to public_html. Do I have to use a FTP program like Filezilla to do so or can I just use the upload feature in my file manager? Because when I last went to upload my files to the server via FTP (Filezilla), it didn’t display any directories at all for some reason? I connected fine and everything but there was no directories being displayed to upload the files to?

And if I can just upload the files avoiding FTP by using the Upload feature on my file manager, how do I upload folders? I’ve tried making them ZIP files and RAR files but they don’t act as folders when they are on the server.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


You may not see the folder you created in the document root as your ftp user may not have the correct permissions to read the folder. In your file manager you should be to see/change the permissions. If you know what access your FTP user has been granted then make sure the permission of the folder (and any files and sub folder beneath) have permissions that line up.

You may also be directed into a different folder when connecting via filezilla. Have you tried going up the folder hiearchy to the top to see if your folder is located somewhere else then where your ftp dropped you off?


However you uploaded the files the first time should work this time too. You can set fileZilla to default to your public_html folder. It’s a little hard to know what’s happening here, but I’d be using FTP for this.

Thanks! I never thought about checking the permissions of the FTP users. I’ll go try that :slight_smile:

Thanks. I managed to upload my files via the upload feature in my file manager. I uploaded the .zip and extracted it’s contents into a subdirectory it created called “mybb”.

I’ll see if I can fix it now :slight_smile:

Thanks, its working fine now!

Ah, well you could just move the files from that mybb folder to the root folder. Presumably that’s what you did?

Yep, just copied everything from “upload” right into the root :wink:

Thanks again for the help.