Domain Name Conflicts

I have registered and partially setup a website. The issue is with the domain registration.

The domain is a .net because I could not find available .com or .org equivalents. I have just discovered that the .org equivalent is a little related to what I do (but not completely, that being WordPress section).

As this is the case I am curious if I could run into trouble by them for registering and setting up the .net equivalent.

Could I face legal action?

Their website happens to be a landing page with no real web pages.

[FONT=verdana]You could face legal action if you were deliberately trying to make people believe that you were connected with the “other” site in some way - for example, that you were acting as their agent or representative, or that you were in fact the same company. In those cases, the other site could bring a passing-off action against you. But they would have to prove that your actions were genuinely confusing people, and that they (the other site) was losing business as a result.

From what you’ve said, it doesn’t sound like that’s the case at all - especially given that the other site doesn’t have any substantial content. Provided you don’t try to copy any aspect of their design, I can’t imagine it being a problem.

If you really want to be triply-safe, you could add a disclaimer to your site saying that you have no connection with the other site. But it’s highly unlikely that will be necessary (and might even be counter-productive, since it will simply draw attention to the othe site).


I think if they had been worried about other people overlapping with their business they would have bought up the .net domain (and similar) themselves.

The fact that they didn’t suggests several options, including: (1) they’re not much bothered; or (2) they don’t have $100 to buy a full set of domains - in which case they’re unlikely to have $1,000+ to involve lawyers or do a WIPO; or (3) they are well financed and highly litigious but not very bright! Take your pick. The second option would be my best guess.



I won’t be copying anybody, nor their design or their wordings or text.

I would love to buy all the domain extensions myself, as I too want to protect myself. I might have to apply to snap up domain names when they just expire. I would certainly look into that.

I will add a disclaimer on the website to ensure that I am not somehow mistaken for the other websites.

Makes complete sense. Now I think of it I don’t think they would take me to court for me owning the .NET domain.

I thank you all for your help!