Domain name change

I have built a website with a .co .nz domain name and hosted here in New Zealand. The company is shifting to Australia.

Is it best to change the domain name and have the hosting in Australia as well or just change the domain name?

Cheers Dave

Doesn’t really matter a whole lot in terms of hosting. The site might load a teeny bit faster in Australia if hosted there, but probably not very noticable. I find it’s much quicker to upload things to the site if it’s hosted locally, but other than that, it can really be hosted anywhere. (Many AU sites are hosted in the US, for example.)

Make sure to redirect each page to the new domain to harvest your current search engine rankings.

How would you redirect each page to get the search engine rankings, Submit the whole new domain name and weebsite to Google?

Log into Google Webmaster Tools and navigate to the affected site. From the Tools menu in the top right-hand corner, choose “Change of Address”, and follow the instructions.

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