Domain Name Availaibity API options

Hey everyone!

I’m looking for a few options to run domain name availability lookups to via an API. We currently use Enom but sometimes have issues with our account getting locked or latency issues so we’re looking for a backup or another solution that we can round robin our domain name lookups to in the event that the enom server does not respond quickly enough.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Either paid or not. I’ve found this one: but don’t know anything about them. Domain Name Search

Your help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

For domain name lookups, you can use Godaddy.

Right, but from my understanding you’re tied into embedding their form on yoru page, l need a backend api piece that l can work into my existing sales funnel.


Are you talking about possibility of integration domain name search option into yoiur web site?
I believe most of the domain name registrars offering reseller accounts will be able to offer that code for you.