Domain listing concern

2 months ago we launched this site. a few times its been submitted to the different search engines.

but when i perform a GOOGLE search for the phrase “oakland nj diner” it does NOT appear anywhere in the list of results, well beyond page 1. yet when i use yahoo or bing its listed right at the top, just below their yelp page.

any idea what the issue may be?

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Are you listed on Google My Business (used to be Google Places)? A number of the top results for that search term are those which come up with map references. If you’re not already listed, that would be my first move.

When you search for a term on Google, it tries to return the most relevant results. The sites which rank highly are well-established and probably have that search term, or something similar, occurring in their body text, not just in the domain name or site title. (Several of them seem to be writing about your business.) Try looking at some of them and compare your text with theirs; see why they’re ranking well.

Hi TechnoBear, I have my business listed on Google Places as well , i have been submitting my site to many submission sites but its still not hitting the first page, what extra can i do to bring it to first page?

At a rough guess, I’d say you’ve been concentrating too hard on building links and not enough on building high quality content.

I would suggest you start by reading Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. Ensure you’re following all the practices they recommend, and - equally important - ensure you’re not engaged in any of the practices they advise against.

Then forget all about SEO and concentrate on your content.