Domain company gone bust! What do to?

This is so big of an issue that I feel it should be given priority as a post.

My internet domain company recently went bust, it’s name “was”, and now I have several domains which I don’t know how to retrieve back. I don’t know what to do, and I have little know-how to what to do. I tried to Google is, but I guess this is not really such a common issue.

If a domain company is big enough there will be support for such problems, but if it’s a small domain company then you’re left on your own. I was contemplating buying a domain purchasing site, at least then I would know I would not go bust and left in such a predicament.

Normally, there is a process to escalate domain ownership to the national or top level registrar to take ownership of domains. It helps when the registration information matches with something that you can show prove off, ie. other documents.

I can only tell you where to go for NZ domains, but there would be a process to go to. Find a new and better registrar with better service (and naturally higher prices), they are likely to help.

HTH, Jochen

When you say “domain company” you mean you’re a registrar or a domain holding company? If the former, I wouldn’t worry, I’m sure some agency will step in and ensure the domains are properly handled. If the latter, just liquidate your assets and move on. Either way, if you’ve “gone bust” your liability should be a wash, so there’s really nothing left to worry about.

If it’s a legitimate bankruptcy (opposed to the website being an ill-willed scammer of some sort) I’m sure there’s some standard protocol that happens to all of the domains as these domains should not have been in the ownership of the company to begin with (and even if they were, the original register, i.e. you, should have first right to them). I’m surprised the company hasn’t sent out some kind of release explaining how to transfer your domains though.

It’s an interest question, and I’m clearly of no help, but hopefully someone else knows of the answer.

Google is your friend…

AnalyticsEvangelist » Help for Webmania customers

^^^^ Hey that was neat, instead of the url it pasted the page title and everything

Sorry for the late response.

The domain company did not send any form of documentation or apology for there dissolving. I did some research with the domain registrant of .com, which is VeriSign and they informed me that the domain name is registered with an unknown company. It seems that the company I registered the domains with was simply a reseller.

Soon after I contacted the actual company and now they are asking for proof of ownership. They want me to send a drivers license and any emails regarding the domain.

Now we have a second problem, I can’t exactly remember all my emails. I found a tool on DomainTools which allows me to search by email, but it requires payment. I don’t know if there is another way to do this.

@tke71709 Thanks for the link. I will get right on it.

PS: If anybody knows anything on domain ownership through searching an email account for free please let me know. I guess all of lives problems hit me at once. :stuck_out_tongue:

What email provider do you use? Most have their own built in search function, not sure why you need a third party tool for this.

When you last renewed the domain, did you pay by credit card or PayPal? Look at your old statements and send them those too, if neeed.

Yikes. That sounds like a precarious situation. I hope it works well. I imagine this has happened before, and like others have stated, it seems like there is probably a standard protocol presuming they are not total scammers.

presuming they are not total scammers

No, they’re not - but Web Mania Limited was officially put into liquidation on the day of Michael10’s post. And on the 3rd of May a new domain (Web Hosting by YorHost) was registered by Nathan Barnes (formerly of Web Mania), and that registration was updated on 4th May (day of the liquidation of Web Mania).

Web Mania customers are reporting sites coming back online after moving of servers from a Data Centre to Web Mania’s office - in a terraced house in York.

So if your site has come back online my advice is to Google for “Web Mania Help”, find a new host and move your site/sites pronto.

I bought the domains by Paypal. I use another host for my email, specifically Site5. I found a site to search for my registered domains. I have not got round to solving this issue yet. I seriously have to sort this problem out. :frowning:

Sega - lots of sites are providing information on how to recover domains bought through Web Mania and controlled by them. But now that they appear to be back online you may be able to get them to respond to your requests. If not then you can use this link (below) - just scroll down to the sections that deal with International Domains (.com .net etc.) and UK Domains (separate processes).

Web Mania Help | TerraNetwork

Hope this helps.