Domain choice with or without -

I have the option of buying a brand new domain name.
It will be a country specific domain name I am choosing this as the .com is already taken.
when it comes to the SEO part, should I take for example online-dating or onlinedating one word .country. My primary target would be for the keyword term “online dating”.

or online-dating.domain

The key term I understand would be difficult to rank in top 10 in
but Im sure it would be much easier to rank in top 10 for the country specific eg

so do I go for the domain with “-” or without to achieve better rankings

Thanks for your time.

for me it would be the onlinedating.domain because somehow, it is more easier to remember. it will be more helpful for your visitors.

It will only have a small impact on rankings, so register both (to protect your brand), and use the one without the hyphen because it is slightly easier for people to type in.
Then redirect the hyphen version to your main site, just in case some users type it that way.

You could read back over what has been discussed on this forum in the last few days, that answers that exact question:

There’s not a lot of point in any of us repeating ourselves less than a week after we’ve already given the answer you’re looking for…