Domain Authority and Page Authority Factors


Do you know the factors that affect:
Domain Authority
Page Authority

I have acquired a domain name with a small amount of each and I do not know how to sustain it. Will I lose Domain Authority and Page Authority if I just upload my web site and do nothing else?



As we all know domain age is also a important factor to improve domain authority .its a simple black hat technique to buy a older website.
Now coming to your question. You have to serve quality content to improve your site domain are lucky if you have already a website with good DA.try to improve it and focus on your site content and forget all about it.See my profile page There are two different sites which I am following .follow website it will help you to improve your traffic ,site rank and DA.

thanks for the reply.

Only when associated with the same web site. If the topic of the site changes significantly then the age gets reset. Similarly if the ownership changes and the site is not absolutely the same before and after then the age gets reset.

Search engines are less interested in the domain name and more interested in the content it points at.

DA & PA factors were launched by Moz and as page rank is not updating now people are considering this factors. DA id for authority for the whole domain and PA is for the authority for a specific page. Both are different. Build some quality backlinks with Web 2.0 sites and you will see increment in DA & PA.

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