DOJO: How to Remove Selected iteams in the grid2 to grid1


I am new to the DOJO Framework. I have a requirement like that.

I am fetching dataitems(store1) from the json file using IteamFileWriteStore
and IteamFileReadStore and storing these items in the EnhancedGrid G1.

<table dojoType=“dojox.grid.EnhancedGrid” jsid=“grid2” id=“grid2” store=“store2”
plugins=“{indirectSelection: true, selectable: true, dnd: true, nestedSorting: true,
loadingMessage: ‘Loading…’, errorMessage: ‘An error exists within the data.’ }”
selectionMode=“extended” class=“mainDojoTable float-left” style=“width:180px;

<th field=“Number” width=“35px” styles=“text-align:right;”>#</th>
<th field=“Name” width=“70px”>Account<br/>Transaction<br/>Type</th>



After Fetching the data from the grid1 of store1.

Now, I need to Remove the Selected items in the grid2 to the grid1.

After Removing the Selected items to the grid2 that items should be Added from the grid1.

How can i achieve this one?

Please help me on this as the requirement is very urgent.

Thanks and Regards

This sounds like a javascript issue instead of a java issue.