Dofollow links and nofollow links

What are dofollow links and nofollow links?

Google have defined this difference of dofollow or nofollow cos Google is only giving preferences to DoFollow links. There is no use to create back links in nofollow sites. That is just an wait of time…

OK, completely disregard all of that.

“Dofollow” and “Nofollow” are commands given to Google’s spiders (little robots that come and index your site). A “Dofollow” link is the website telling the spiders “Hey, go and follow that link, see what it’s all about and tell Google”. A “Nofollow” link is the website telling the spiders “Uurgh, you don’t want to follow this link, it’s not important”. There might be some SEO guys punching the monitor in fury at this, but I’m generally giving you a very superficial overview so you can understand the difference.

Dofollow links are great for your site as it means your site benefits from link juice (all the juicy good aspects that Google likes) and thus have a positive effect on your site. But Nofollow links don’t carry this same link juice and so don’t really have an SEO benefit. To put it simply, Google recognises all links, but it only counts the dofollow ones.

Does that mean nofollow links are useless? Not at all. You can still get traffic from them. And besides, I’m one of those people that doesn’t like to have a site containing only dofollow links. I like to mix it up and have a couple of nofollows in there so it looks natural. I’m quite sure it makes next to no difference, but these days I just hold onto whatever works.

Anyway, hope this has cleared it up a bit for you.


PeachySEO has a lot of great points. I just wanted to elaborate on one of them. Do-follow links allow authority or PageRank to pass from one page to another. In essence they allow for the page that the link is on to act as a vote for the page that the link leads to. When the no-follow attribute is added to a link, this authority is not allowed to pass.



Yeah, didn’t want to overload the OP with too much info. Given the other threads they’ve started, they are very much just starting out.

u use SEO squake on firefox check dof link :slight_smile:

Links that are index and given credit by search engine are do follow and links that are given no follow attribute and are not index by search engine are rel no follow

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