Doesn't apply style sheet css on mac?


Have a website (, whereby I thought the style sheet was moved/deleted as it was not appearing correctly on my Mac (for the menu – what was buttons is now just text links and eveything appearing vertically)

I was told looks OK on a PC. So not sure what issue is with viewing on Mac (regardless of the browser I use). To me, seems as though on Mac is not linking to the .css style sheet.

Any ideas?


The stylesheet isn’t being loaded in Firefox or Chrome on a PC, either. No problem in IE9.

I’m stumped about why. If I point the browser directly to images/BrightSide.css, I get a perfectly ordinary-looking CSS file. But in Firefox, if I view source and go to that file, I’m getting a string of non-ASCII characters - in short, garbage. And Firebug reports that no styles are being applied.

There’s a parse error on line 58 of the stylesheet (a stray curly brace) and a color problem on line 374 (color: 0000cc;, lacking its hash mark), but I don’t think those would be causing the error I’m seeing. Worth fixing, at least as a first step.

UTF-16 most interesting it is in Chinese get your encoding sorted first. When you use a sensible encoding for both files the CSS should then apply itself. With UTF-16 they will be 16-bit code units and totally mess with things.

(BTW, you should probably feed your HTML through a validator, as well - lots of non-XHTML-compliant things in there, though I don’t think any of them would be causing this particular problem.)

Not that it matters for functionality, but you may want to move the CSS file out of the images/ folder if only to organize your files properly.

Thanks all. This was a site I quickly did up for a friend years ago. Just used a css web template as I did it for free so and didn’t want to spend a lot of time on it. I know it was tested in all browsers when I completed it. I can see they’ve made a couple changes, so assume they’ve messed something up. I’m sure I didn’t put the css file in the images folder. I don’t even have access to the files.

I’ll advise them something is messed up. I’m going to have to learn a little more on UTF-16, and also suggest the pages are run thru a validator.