Does web design make millionaires

by this i mean designing and developing for clients.
Sure it can give a comfortable life, was just curious too know if there are any millionaire web designers / companys out there. . .

If you do one-off sites for mom and pop clients, then probably not. However you have a defined business model that either focuses on large windfall projects or residual income or _____________ then, yes it is possible.

It’s not so much that ‘web design’ makes you money, it’s mostly how you run and structure your business. You want to make sure your business model is scalable to the millionaire level and that it’s even possible for you to get there.

Also diversifying revenue streams helps a bunch. If all your revenue comes from web design and all of a sudden the web design business drops off (for whatever reason) you’re essentially out of business. However if your revenue stream was diversified then one dropping off may hurt your business but you would still be in business.

By starting off small then hiring people you can make it :slight_smile:

You’ll never get rich working for other people so no.

I’m pretty certain that there are web designers who have become millionaires, but in most cases it’s because their offering popular services or own extremely successful businesses. There are individuals earning six figure salaries in their job (see the A List Apart survey results) so it’s not a stretch to think millions are possible. :slight_smile:

Just building websites? probably not. Building web applications? Perhaps… But regardless you end up chasing new projects all the time, plus you’re essentially making other people money by working on their sites - when you could be building you own…


I would assume “millionarie-making” refers to the net income and lifestyle of the proprietor, rather than gross sales. But that’s an assumption. I will add that my source for this information was a group that was determining millionaires, not million-dollar businesses per se.

What about people who make sites that then take off astronomically ie what are the guys called who set up facebook. Not sure if they produced teh site from scratch but that is the only way I can see someone making big bucks.

I guess it could get to the millionaire point if you ever have a team and you are viral on the internet at modest prices. You will probably be making millions in no time. If you ever try to go for web design on your own, I doubt you’ll ever make it to the million dollar club.

Hopefully, however much you make online, you’re doing what you love.
According to the US Dept. of Commerce, the three top businesses for making millionaires are still printing, dry cleaning, and real estate.


I don’t think so if only by webdisign for customers. But after you work for several years, you can be expert in this field, then you can start a company about web designing. If you operate well, it’s certain can make you a millionaire. :lol:

Companies, there are… but web design individuals, maybe…:slight_smile:

I like to think that you can become a millionaire doing almost anything, if you make smart business decisions.

As a matter of fact, I’m well on the way to becoming a millionaire… I have, like, $35 already.

I would think ‘yes’ it could be possible but i would think that very few actually achieve it.

But how much of that is actually profit and not gross?

Oh, if it is that… then it is not me :slight_smile: