Does we need website for M-commerce?

Hi guys i want to grow my business with m commerce and i need some information for the same. Please help me and tell me does we need website for m commerce.

I have no idea on this. Is website essential for mcommerce ?

Hi Jessica(i hope that is the name!!!),

Basically you dont need a website if you just want an mobile commerce store. But, essentially, you need a website along with your mobile commerce app for the following reasons:

  1. To manage product/inventories
  2. To provide marketing and after sales support
  3. Various marketing tools like push-notifications etc. are best and easy to send via a web application.

There can be many more, but these are coming straight off my mind right now.

Best Regards,

A report states that Mobile to account for 25% of U.S. Online Sales by 2017.

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