Does using Fiverr gigs really work?

Just wondering if fiverr gigs work for promotion.

I’ve seen a lot of failed businesses that have advertised there. Not entirely sure why so many businesses using Fiverr fail.

Yes! Although, I’ve stopped using it for awhile as I cannot meet the deadline. My orders were increasing by the day and most are article writing. I have a full time job online so I cannot really work much time on fiverr. I was paid btw. It took 14 days before every project pay can be withdrawn.

I read a lot of negative stuffs about selling articles as sellers were providing crap results. One client ordered from me and she gave me a perfect feedback. Since then, I was getting one order every day.

It really works. You should try it.

Fiverr is great for content building but not backlinking. Those who are offering services with $5 won’t give any attention to your website as they need to finish as soon as they can.

Hope that help!

The one marketing gig that I LOVE on Fiverr is the one where you can buy level 2 Yahoo Answers accounts. This means you can answer question on Yahoo Answers with your URL in the answer. Great way to find prospects and increase your SEO - I have posted some answers that have been generating 30 qualified visits a day for over a year.