Does this work (update + in )

Will this work?

UPDATE contacts
SET contactid = 15
WHERE contactid = 27
AND sessionid IN ( 12,43,89,101 )

Or do I need to do a loop with the sessionids and do individual updates?

Did you try it?

Not yet. This is an existing database/app that I’m building a back end for, so I didn’t want to fiddle with the data too badly with the app being in use. But I think I’ll just make a backup of the database and try.

It works! :slight_smile:

Now in a year when I forget and have this question again, I’ll find this thread and know. :wink:

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my stock response has always been –

used that line a dozen times or more with Double D Debbie

(can’t honestly say i miss her, but i wonder how she’s doing now that she doesn’t have sitepoint to answer her thousands of questions)


I tried to channel my inner Rudy…missed the mark. I must be out of practice.

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I had no idea she left!

If you’re talking about Rudy… it is a he. Just in case :smiley:

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lol, well hopefully no one finds my questions too annoying!

Most of the questions are not annoying… The only thing that can be annoying is someone that expects you to do their homework for them. We’re happy to help but doing someone else’s work… well, that’s different :smile:

that’s debbie in a nutshell


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