Does this exist—a WYSIWYG tool for designing a DB?

Being that I am VERY old school I would like to update some abilities.

So has anyone seen a WYSIWYG tool that whereby a database system can be designed?

I was thinking it would be nice to drag and drop my database idea and then press the ole button. The WYSIWYG system at this point would dictate to me (via a list) what tables needed to be created along with common indexed keys and variable configurations (varchar, int, etc)

Hopefully, if something like this exist it would be affordable…as in free.



For which DBMS?

For MySQL there is MySQL workbench, which I’m pretty sure can do what you want - and is free.
For other DBMSs I wouldn’t know.


Sweet! Thanks @rpkamp I like free. I tinker in the MySQL universe.

Working on an idea BUT I do not want to attempt it without some decent design knowledge behind it.

Thanks again!

SQL Server Management Studio
Visual Studio

MySQL Workbench
Heidi SQL

Visual design on databases is very hokey and should be avoided. The way Management Studio handles it is probably the best, where it’s basically just a form you fill out. I like the way PGAdmin III handles it as well.

Absolutely. I am just looking for a tool to help with the overall design phase not for the build out phase. I prefer to do that by hand myself.


Oh well, that’s different.
Workflow programs work for that. I know Visio and Lucid Charts have DB structures you can use.