Does the address bar belong to the developer or the user?

Title says it all, i constantly use the address bar for query strings in almost every dynamic site i create but at times, i feel awkward using it, especially when it starts to get messy. Im not sure if this uneasiness has developed over the years as i get more and more picky with my code or if its something i have subconsciously absorbed from clients.

What do you think?

It’s for neither

  • it’s for the servers which have to interpret the data being requested to properly render the page back
  • it’s for the browser (and it’s security features) to ensure a users safe browsing experience.
  • it’s for the search engines to interpret to easily access and interpret the content of the page(in the case of SEO-friendly URLs)

Most (i.e. non-tech) people don’t use urls most of the time to get to a site unless they’re typing Go sub-domain, or sub-page, and you can easily confuse most. As long as you’re site is visible to the search engines, it doesn’t really matter. Use the address to pass whatever information you need to render the page appropriately - just make sure you’re cleaning the URL data to prevent attacks :smiley:

^^^You don’t know how many meetings I’m sitting in where people just type urls into google rather than use the address bar. Even after repeated prodding . . .