Does Summer Internship help to get a good job?

What is the main benefit of Summer Internship/Training? Does it help to get a good job?

Any professional experience helps. Whether it helps you get a job or not depends on the jobs you’re applying for. Do they work in the same platform? Are the experiences similar? all that has an effect.

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The other good thing about doing an internship is that people in the industry actually see you at work and get to know you. So they are more likely to hire you, or to give you a good reference if you do a good job for them.

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The only experience I have had with an internship was as a medical laboratory technician.

I went to college to get an associates degree.
The last semester included a “course” that was an internship with a participating laboratory.
Up until that point, all the education was for the most part theory and knowledge with but limited “real life” experience (eg. old analyzers)
The internship gave me a chance to get experience with “current practice” in a real working environment.

There was never any guarantee that the laboratory would offer me a position, nor any guarantee that I would accept a position with them if one was offered.
What was a sure thing is that I would get some “real life” experience.

I was fortunate. I liked the laboratory and they liked me enough to give me a position. But I could have easily applied for a position elsewhere if I had wanted to.

Long story short, if your goal is to get employment with the company you internship with, you may be disappointed. But if your goal is to gain experience, that you will get.


Having a terrific portfolio helps you find a good job. But having a strong portfolio when you are new to the profession is very difficult. It may take years.

Some designers have a decade of experience, if not more.

When I was in the interactive media program in the 1990s, I have seen the work and the portfolios of numerous students. 95% of this work was amateurish. I wouldn’t hire those people if I was the client. And that’s the hard truth.

This is a tough industry.

Statistically, after you finish your design school, in 10 years only 50% of your classmates will be still in the creative field, and this is probably optimistic. Most of them will be working odd jobs or pursuing a completely new career to make ends meet.

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Yes, it is very difficult to have a strong portfolio when you are new to the profession. It may take years. If we go for summer internship in big brands like Google, Facebook etc, can add some value to us?

I think many beginning web devs would give their left keyboard to get an internship with a big name company. But I have a feeling one would need to already have a fairly strong portfolio in order to get an internship with them.

IMHO it could be better to intern with a local company and build networking connections and a local reputation.


It definitely does if you are doing the internship from any reputed company. If you perform well there then you may be absorbed there as well.
Apart from that it will help you in getting through first job interview when they ask if you had any prior job experience

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Certainly in a positive relationship between them.
Through which you will gain practical experience and it will improve your resume.

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Yeah, practical experience of course. And there is a chance of getting a good job.

Yes it is for you can use it as an experience reference regarding future job applications. It can also be a time of building relationships which is very useful is you want to get connections or work on the company that you’ve interned in.

Having gone through the process myself I can’t begin to tell you how useful they are. If it comes to the worst, you’ve at least gained some valuable, “real world” experience that looks great on your CV and practically, will help you in your career. You could even end up getting a full-time job with the company if you’re lucky!

A lot depends on how good the firm is so make sure you do your research and approach those with a strong reputation for staff development

A summer internship is not guaranteed in getting a job, but it provides the exposure to the field of work, helping you to choose what you want to do. These internships gives you the edge over other candidates in a job interview.

That really changes from field to field. But, it actually can also improve your chances if you were very good or ruin them if you were not.

It absolutely depends on your goals. Are you trying to work for a big company? Work for yourself? I am a fan of the combined effort: internship and freelance work. Whatever it takes to build that portfolio and resume.

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