Does stopping hotlinking of images prevent them appearing in Google searches?


I recently changed my site to a new host. Amongst the additional services offered there is the option to stop hotlinking of images, which I have activated.

Since the change I have found that the site itself seems to rank as before with google but that the images have totaly disappeared from Google - All of them !

Is this because of the fact that I have stopped hotlinking or could there be another reason ?

Thanks for your help

You have told the server to only allow the images to be displayed on your site and are now wondering why they no longer display on another site.

If you want images to display on particular sites then you have to only block hotlinking from other sites and include the ones you want to allow them on as exceptions.

Yeah , sounds kinda stupid when you put it like that doesn’t it !:rolleyes:

As you can see I’m not really up to speed on all this and wasn’t sure if this would affect google !

I’ll put the google sites into my exceptions an look foward to seeing my images reapearing.

Thanks for your help