Does Social BookMarking take an Important Role In SEO?

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I have submitted my website near about 1500 Social bookmark…at the earlier stage I have got more traffic…and the KW also improving in ranking. But now rank is falling gradually…Is it for more social sites being expired and I am loosing the bookmark links?


Loosing backlinks from the bookmark sites would be one of the reason. Better you concentrate on blog commenting, article submission for better link building.

Try to build links in other ways. Blogs, forum posts, article submissions… It’s better to have different kind of quality links for better serp. Your site will look more authentically grown.

Very good point, make your link building efforts look natural, 1,500 back links from social bookmarking sites may look a little spammy to Google, especially if they have been done in a short space of time.

Depending on the sites you’ve used, social bookmarks can be pretty ephemeral – once they’ve been overtaken by a few newer links, they quickly drop off the bottom and are of little use.

What you need is to make content that is good enough that when people come to your site once, they’ll want to come back again, and to tell other people about it. If you haven’t got that, there’s not a lot of point in having a website, because you will always be fighting an uphill battle just to stay within sight of page 1.

I agree social bookmarking sites help of seo they help of fast caching, indexing and generating traffic.

Yes… I think social bookmark works very fast for seo…but it works for short time…


Social bookmarking importance is hard to gauge. If you have quality content which makes people come back, then you can submit it to different social bookmarks. But once the buzz has died down, traffic will definitely follow suit.

Suggest you try other link building techniques that gives more permanence unlike social bookmarking.

social bookmarking is very helpful to get trafiic and try to do article submission,forum posting,blog commenting,directory submission,press release.

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