Does restaurant app can increase business

From last few days I’m noticing that restaurant app industry becoming very popular and increasing interest of restaurant businessman’s to take apps for their restaurant. But I like to know, does restaurant app really increase business.

I guess at the end of the day it will come down to the establishment and what their app does. But I would think that the majority of restaurants, just have apps for marketing / accessibility. You could also ask, does TV and radio ads really increase business? As it could be kind of the same thing. The more mediums they get their establishment onto, the more chance of someone finding it that would not normally have. And the mobile app market is booming at the moment. So I would say it is more about brand recognition than anything else, but some restaurants apps are quite handy to have and if you can do business via the app, then I am sure the convenience of it would drive business

Judging how “hot” are apps these days, a restaurant app seems a lucrative tactic for owners. But I see this as a promotional stuff. When apps are installed in the users’ mobile phones, it’s easy to click on it. In other words, instant access to your restaurant site. But the end of this is to drive sales or orders up. So how can you drive up sales? You produce good quality foods that people will like and continue to order them in the future.

No amount of hardcore promotional campaign can compensate for a product that people don’t like.