Does Redirect Link work for SEO?

I go onto this blog and post a comment, with my name, email address and website URL. When I submit it, I notice that the link to my site has been re-directed.

redirect to: (My link)

Will google bot see my link? Or does it just see

google bot will give credit to that website to whom is link redirected.

If it’s been done as a proper 301 redirect then you will get (almost) the full link juice, and Google will consider it as a link to your site.

If it’s been done as a 302 (temporary) redirect or a meta refresh then it’s not quite so certain.

how do you know if it is a 301 or 302 redirect?

In simple words, NO!

According to your example this blog is not interested in giving your site the due credit. This link acts as a filter and not the actual KEYWORD ANCHOR text link “directed” towards your website.

Its time to become sad :frowning:


It works, Google said the PR of your old website will be counted to your new site

Permanent 301
To summarize in a few lines, permanent 301 redirects are just as they sound. They are permanent redirects from an old URL to a new one. These redirects tell the search engines that the old location is to be removed from their index and replaced with the new location. Using 301 redirects is the most search engine friendly way to redirect traffic and engines, and far out weighs that of various JavaScript and Meta refresh redirects.

Temporary 302
Temporary 302 redirects are also as they sound; temporary. Here you are telling the search engines to read and use the content on the new page, but to keep checking the original URL first as it will ultimately be reestablished.

(reference from other site)

The site in question probably also has a robot.txt which tells search engines to ignore anything at “/info” or whatever.
I’ve used this method pretty much on all sites I’ve made that have user submitted content.
I have no interest in giving link juice to fools.

no juice for you if there is a nofollow