Does redirect affect SEO

when installing a CMS like WP or Joomla the files are placed in a domainname/folder
To make then the site work you redirect from the /folder to the domainname. Is that affectng SEO ?

Example: a website has a CMS WP template on To publish you will have to either redirect from the server with “redirect” or make an index.php to redirect etc… will this affect SEO in a bad way?

Short answer: no. As long as spiders can navigate your site to crawl it, they will be able to index it.

This may help:

In addition to what TB said, you need to do 302 Permanent redirection of your old URL’s to their respective new URL’s. Else you may face duplicate content penalty.

Search in Google with “301 and 302 redirection”.

302 is a temporary redirect. 301 is permanent.

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The link I posted gives information on implementing a 301 redirect.

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Thanks a lot for your help and info!!!

Someone who has 3 Years a web on the internet with quit good SEO standings, who wants to change the website in function and design completely, how do you suggest to go on with?

is it for SEO bad if …

  • change domain name from to
  • change Hosting Provider
  • Change Template
  • Change redesign from scratch


If you change the domain name, you can use Google’s “change of address” procedure to minimise disruption. See for details.

Those will have no effect on SEO. (Well, unless you change to a really poor host with very slow, unreliable servers, or change to a badly-coded template which bots have difficulty crawling - neither of which I think you’re likely to do. )

Structure your website should be like this
/end more files
You must make sure that the folder wp-content was opened to Google indexing, this can be done in robots.txt

Believe it or not, not every website is a WordPress site. Hard to believe, perhaps, but true!

I believe I showed the essence of the structure of the site, not what does not change, the search robot will be held throughout the structure if you do not limit it. Just do not forget about the section with the content - it can not be closed

@liliymironova: that may be true, but it doesn’t seem to relate in any way to the question, which is about redirects. Please keep your replies on-topic.

The question was talking about a WP too… pls be friendly, not cynic, no point in bullying in a friendly forum :slight_smile:

lots of new stuff appeared to me to consider and study. Thanks a lot for your information and for your time !!!

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I think you are confusing site content with the content of a WordPress sites wp-content folder.

The wp-content folder typically contains the plugin and theme folders.

It does not contain site content. That is in the database.

There is absolutely no reason for that folder to be searchable.

In fact, allowing it to be searched and indexed is arguably a security risk as it will make it easier for others to find plugins and themes that may have vulnerabilities…

True, the robots.txt file is only suggestions that can be followed or ignored, but just the same.


No redirecting does not affect much but if you have pages with 404 error. This can affect your site. Because when a visitor come to your such page and found nothing there. This can put a bad impression on your SEO.

From my personal experience, I would say YES, to a certain extend for a certain while.
but if you properly redirect to the new resource, the negative impact will disappear, after a certain time.

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For Google its essential to have only permanent 301 redirects. Temporary redirects are harmful for Seo. Check out this video by Google:

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