Does PR, DA, PA matter for SEO when they are relevant?

As I know, Google Penguin is going to “focus on building highly relevant links that are topical to the content on your website.”

Based on this, A highly relevant back-links without PR, DA, PA how much useful?

The way I take it, as long as the links are “natural links” i.e. an editorial choice by the site owner to place the link somewhere in their site - relevancy is the most important factor Google uses to list the linked sites in the SERPs



I am not sure, But relevant backlinks with high PR, PA,DA are more useful instead.

I’m not sure I follow what your meaning here. Could you clarify your point - maybe with a relevant reference to back up what you’re saying?

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I mean to say that if you built relevant niche backlinks from high PR, PA,DA website then they will be more useful.(Google will pass full link juice to linked domain).

I guess it depends on what you mean by “you built”.

Google looks at links site owners choose to put in their pages.

Links that others put there are “unnatural” links and could have negative effect.

So how do you “build” links to your site in other sites?

Seems to me it would be more accurate to say “earn” them.


Just to clarify, before anybody else becomes confused, there is no such thing as a high PR website (or, indeed, a high PA website). PR (and PA) is calculated per page, not per site.

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Thanks to see you TechnoBear ! I appreciate, What do you think then?

I agree with what @Mittineague says. The only links really worth having are those which you earn, rather than those which you place yourself. Links from relevant sites will always be more valuable - and more likely to bring relevant traffic to your site, too.

Google has long been telling webmasters not to obsess over PR, and because of that, has stopped publishing regular public updates of PR. So a site may show low PR, or have no available information, and yet be regarded highly by Google. By concentrating too much on PR, you may run the risk of missing quality sites.

Does that help?


Thanks to all! Specially both of you @Mittineague & @TechnoBear .


Google has the capability of determining relevancy, but I think Google place a more weight on good PR, DA, PA

DA and PA are metrics created by, so I see no reason to believe Google would take them into consideration at all.


Quality backlinks from high pr sites… that definitely help in your seo and traffic

@FemaleAdda: please read the thread before replying.

As has been pointed out many times in the forum, PR is calculated per PAGE (the clue in the P in page rank!) so there is no such thing as a high PR site.

Alrighty… didnt know that… still backlinks from high ranking sites(is that correct?) are helpful

Hmm… got it… twice actually… can i apologize?

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You’d think that’s a clue, but actually, it’s coincidence.

PageRank is named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. But that doesn’t alter the fact that it is calculated per page, not per site.

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