Does png to gif conversion distort the image?

I shrank this image and saved it as gif from a png, and the result was not black and white anymore. It has this strange color in the background. How should I shrink these images avoiding distortion?

And shouldn`t I be using gif formatted images for the web?

Usually you convert GIF to PNG-8 NOT PNG-8 to GIF.

PNG is a far superior image format and PNG-8 usually makes SMALLER images sizes than GIF in most cases.

I however suspect you might have been trying to convert a PNG-24 image or something and reduced its colour depth and accidentally removed some image data.

Your *.gif actually has 188 colours and weighs in at (1,578 bytes) if it were a PNG-8 you possibly would have a file weighing (1,277 bytes) saving of about 80% of the original size. So as you can see even on this simple image PNG produces a much smaller image file without loss in quality because it is a ‘Lossless image format’.

Could you post the original PNG image so that we can analyse what you were trying to convert in the first place?


Attached is socialmonochromicons-v2-51.png (by, which I converted to socialmonochromicons-v2-51b.png and then to a gif because I read somewhere that I should be using .gif for images for the web.

What I should do to switch color from black to white and shrink image without distorting the image and having the strange background color?

I also only have gimp or inkscape for software.

No, you should be using PNG-8 over GIF for final ‘static images’ in nearly all cases for the web *.gif is an outdated inefficient image format and doesn’t typically compress as well. Whoever told to use static GIF for web pages probably wants shooting or is stuck in 1999, using the dead Netscape 4.x or something weird.

The original image only had 67 colours so when you resized you must have introduced colours - maybe dither or something. Personally I didn’t notice a strange background colour but PNG can contain colour profiles in ancillary chunks. There are different versions of PNG you are wanting PNG-8 to use as the GIF replacement.

In either case the original PNG format was fine and you could have worked with PNG since PNG-8 would likely be the most suitable format anyway.

I am not too great with image editing programs myself but perhaps one of the other guys could give you tips for re-sizing the image and keeping it sharp.

@xhtmlcoder I will wait to hear from other people and stick with .png files from now on. If you look at the RSS gif that I attached in my first thread and look at your screen from different angles, youll notice that theres a background color and it`s actually not completely white.