Does 'ping' really work for traffic or search engines?

I’ve used pingomatic for months, but still didn’t get any result from it. Now I’m in doubt if ping really works? And if works then how it works.

I blogged for a keyword not searched at all, but I did it out of my interest and used ping several times. Then looked in search engines but didn’t get my blog listed or hit the frontpage (as the topic is very rare and the sites are so limited with this topic, just 20/25 sites have it).
Getting frustrated I posted on a forum, and checked in SE after 30 minutes and found it at #1 position.
Now the question is does ‘ping’ work?

They seem to work for me OK. When I make a blog post and then search for some “key” words/phrases from it (not necessarily keywords) it shows up in Google almost instantly. Are you only pinging pingomatic?

i also use it for almost a year now… and i noticed it works…

This does work, but is there a way to make it automatic?

@ Tariq, ping is a signal sent out to the search engines when you post something new to your blog. I use it for every thing else too, anything that has a unique URL can be pinged not just a blog.

@ RemoteWorkMate, yes it can be automated. take a look at this

Thanx for ur support. Lately I found that it works, may be there were some bugs while submitting for ping. Anyway it works and thanx to all for ur suggestions.

Yea, I just use one ping service, ‘pingomatic’. Do you think that I should use more ping service?

If you are using wordpress it should ping to pingomatic automatically when you publish a post.

Pingomatic attempts to keep up to date with the more important services to ensure they’re “live”. The site’s front page form lists

Common Services

  • Technorati
  • Feed Burner
  • Syndic8
  • NewsGator
  • My Yahoo!
  • Blogdigger
  • BlogRolling
  • BlogStreet
  • Moreover
  • Weblogalot
  • Icerocket
  • News Is Free
  • Topic Exchange
  • Google Blog Search
  • Spinn3r
  • Bloglines
  • AideRSS
  • SkyGrid
  • Bitacoras
  • Collecta

Specialized Services

  • Audio.Weblogs
  • RubHub
  • GeoURL
  • A2B GeoLocation
  • BlogShares

So if by pinging pingomatic all of the “Common Services” are pinged, then I guess that pretty much covers things. If you want to ping other “less common” services eg. Japanese, or others, then they can be added to your ping list at the WordPress ACP Settings -> Writing under Update Services

I’m not sure why it would have taken a while for it to “work” for you. AFAIK Google has been included at least as far back as March of this year and most likely earlier.

There are many lists of services that can be found online, but they all contain some that are obsolete. But if you find some that aren’t included in pingomatic and you think they might help you can always add them to your list.

*Caution, I have heard that pinging a service more than once/too often, can result in a “ping spammer” penalty, but I don’t know any details or even if it’s true. In any case, if you ping pingomatic it’s probably best to not duplicate the services they include.

Aren’t there any automatic ping-o-matic service for blogspot?

Ping works, but not really necessary. The inner pages of my sites get crawled by SEs even if I didn’t ping them.

i like ping o matic it’s work to me get visitor…

i uesed it but no so much
as mrandrei has mentioned --for most of the time i didn’t ping them ,but they can also be crawled by seearch engines
all in all , it works

So the only open question here is if ping-o-matic DO ping the listed services or it does not? (Using it from WordPress for examle).
Does anyone know how much and which sites get pinged when I post a new entry to my wordpress-powered blog?

Also thanks the contribution for all, the info listed was useful.
The MaxBlogPress site looks more then funny and it is also extremely spammy, I would not think that WP is getting banned by Ping Services like