Does sell scripts that do not work?

I bought two licenses of their latest version PHPld 5. I was lucky that I bought the script with back link. They were cheaper. And now I thank my self for that I only bought them cheapest versions. Their latest version they sell is not ready for a live site. They’re like a half-finished results. And after you’ve installed the script. What you get is a half-finished website. After 2 weeks i still have 2 half-finished website which is not working.

I complained about this and put a thread on the closed forum for only licensed viewers. The thread was deleted directly by a moderator with name James. And then I received a threat mail back that I was banned on the ticket support 24 hours. The reason was that I sent out this thread on a Sunday and they said I could wait. But i had already waited a week.

If I knew that the script was not ready, I had not bought this. Now, I still have two scripts to no use. I still submit tickets and ask Them to fix my problem but they dont answer me now. Got a response a week ago how to arrange the errors. But I’m not talented programmers of PHP.

I warn you. Do not buy this script of them. They are nasty if you start complaining. If you buy a script so it should be clear and work from start, and not need to be fixed after you download it

Feel free to let me know the support ticket number. We don’t get that many complaints. phpLD version 5 is newer and there have been some bugs reported and fixed. Version 4 is also available to you and still the most popular version of our script.

We don’t have the facility for banning anyone in our support ticket system. The forums we can ban people. That is rare, but it does happen. Now bear in mind that if you are “yelling” at the people trying to help you, that doesn’t tend to go as well. :slight_smile:

I cant even open the forum. Im blocked!!!

I manage to open the support tickets and add a new support ticket regarding why im am blocked from the licensed forum and i cant see the PHPld 5 forum that is only for licensed user and there u have your new updates. But you guys dont answer my tickets!!! Very bad. Stelling my money…

I varning you guys. This is what happend now. The only thing i did was complaining that the script they are selling PHPld 5 is not complete and they sell it anywhay. Right now my site is not working. And i cant open the support forum and download new updates.

He say that screaming is not helping but selling script that is not working is ok???

Very bad. If i new that the script not was working from the start i would never bought the script.

I want refund of my two licens. Otherwise i will complaining to paypal.

Or you can start sending me the new updates that i cant see.

Still after one month, I have no working live site. Its working but its not for a live site. Many of the functions still not working. And their forums that are only permitted for licensed users, I can not see. I get the error that the server is too busy and this is daily. And once I manage to get up the forum page and want to search on their forums so this does not work because they have removed it for me or for all licensed users. [URL=“”]Se images here .What I see is not the forum that is not licensed guests see. Forum for guests is fast and works. But there is no information that I can use.
They added a new update phpdl 5.0.5 that i have downloaded and installed, but it is still unfinished.

Functions like user who want to add new url do not even have to add or write their name and email to submit their new website.

Widgets functions like the last commenst that you can chose to have on left or right side is only works on one side but has features for both sides. And if i have it on other functions stop working.

So this is what i get error after error. And i am apparently the only one who finds this.

And no support I get. Though I have support for over 100 days. None of them respond to my support tickets

I recall speaking with you, and indeed we were trying to help you. You first came into our forums and were using profanity, so we banned you from the forums. We have children in our forums. We asked you politely to instead create a support ticket. You did that. We responded. Then you didn’t respond back to us, but the support tickets are still open and you are not banned from using them.

We ban about 1 person from the forum every 4-5 months. You were one of them. Every site including Sitepoint has the occasional person that wants to start a fight and does not respond to reasoning. If you reach a point where you can be civil, we’d love to help you. :slight_smile: However, threatening to go posting all over the internet that we are terrible is not a very good way to get help from us! :slight_smile:

You would be surprised how helpful we can be when you are at least civil, and better yet trying to be kind to the people who are there to help you.